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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  January 22, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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if you didn't know what is called no space. the belt while walking this. ). in cleveland downtown. temperature during the 21 nothing in this morning is going
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as a light snow over the lake. was wondering no 21 most of us will be about 28-3 degreeso will keep the faults around. otherwise a fairly quiet day here further north of the severe weather in pensacola post under some watches and warnings the back end of this this entry major east coast snowstorm. it looks like it's drifting north and not going to make it
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in some snow to pittsburgh. new philadelphia but for most of us who to. is displeased that recently from the storm trooper mostly cloudy and breezy fluids cavort in the north tomorrow. pushing the 20-25 miles per hour. it's the snow. udc west virginia look at the heavy snowfallll will continue on to boston is going to be an interesting snow. you get all the way to minnesota could pick up 4-9 charlestonha west virginia could pick up 20 inches of snow i mentioned to
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2 feet of snow on the ground next chance of snow monday night and tuesday in aow couple more chances of next week the daytime highs should be a couple degrees to either side 32.d traffic time with patty. roads are in great shape we will have any accidents no no road closures. a let's take a peek at the roadways will see the charlotte
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west palm. you'll find cheaper gas prices and kristi pack to you. we are expecting so much snow they don't think the big apple to have all the snow plowed
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week. canceling all flights for philadelphia in charlotte. crews of lawrenceville create barcodes they are way and change
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repositioning planes they're going to be rewritten road crew. cleveland that's good news for the cleveland traveler that aircraft will rdp here in cleveland. if you're flying airport officials recommend checking your flight status before heading to the airportenck tickets are $100 each and they will benefitic st. jude's children's hospital. weather and traffic every eight
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car seat concerns what you need to know before loading ofng tickets in the car regarding
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the closest snowfall could be nothing new philly. this is going to shift more to the east look the weekend. monday night into tuesday will. clipper from the west that love another one developing late thursday night into friday the one monday night into tuesday seems to have a much higher chance of producing more preset will keep an eye on both of us as we keep temperatures fairly
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twentys and 30s over the next week to ten days. 35 miles an hour zone from clifton as you head to the main avenue bridge.oon
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know about this brand-new trend find me in the big event is held at the irix center every year and as you can imagine there is a lot for homeowners to check out. you have all the classics liket ho there's also the more unique like she shed. this to take a regular garden shed it's not for sale she says that she responded to show people how easy be to make.he is called the happy hour where you come out here you can grab some wine will whole line cooler. fully stocked with the best mindset are available. we have some folks a nice fireplacem beautiful place to sit and relax.
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wanted it to you may want to sign upffil for this raffle someone is going r to all toilet the green shirt you see behind meal you have your own studio off the elevator i don't have a man cave what can i say. putting cleveland, britney harris, fox 8 news.
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will run all weekend long. emergency crews rushed into the call that statements in this paper what if s they found with it in your policy.a i have to do is hop on the trolley to make your way around town tense and now the rta is rolling out a new foe.
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will cause do that morning. welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. it's finally friday.hamo a live look around dead man's curve you said it was such confidence. because i'm still half asleep
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